10 Down-to-Earth Ways to Clear Your Solar Plexus Chakra and Unlock Your Personal Power


By Nancy Hausauer


Do you lack confidence in yourself? Experience problems with digestion or have allergies? Do you have trouble speaking up in a group? Is it difficult for you to get what you want, or to make things happen? Do you feel like others push you around? Do you wish you could step up to a leadership role?


If any of this sounds like you, it might help to learn some ways to clear and balance your solar plexus chakra.


Also known as the navel chakra, it is the third of the seven chakras. Called Manipura in Sankrit, it governs our self-esteem and personal power.


Clearing, balancing, and opening your third chakra can help you develop a healthy sense of self-worth, stand up for yourself better, grow as a leader, become more effective, and successfully set and reach goals.


You don’t have to be a trained energy healer to heal your 3rd chakra. Read on to learn 10 down-to-earth, satisfying ways that you can give your solar plexus chakra a “tune-up.”  But first:




  • What Are the Chakras?


Chakras are organs of our energy body. They act as energy portals, exchanging energy with the rest of the cosmos.

There are seven primary chakras, located along the center line of the upper body, from the bottom of the spine to the top of the head. Each chakra is associated with different glands, organs, body areas, and elements of our life, personality, and spiritual development.

The chakras are critical to our physical health, the quality of our life, and our ability to develop spiritually.



  • The Healthy Chakra


A healthy chakra is open, allowing energy to flow freely both horizontally, in an exchange of energy with the universe, and vertically, connecting it with the other chakras.

It’s very common to have one or more chakras that is blocked or out of balance to some degree. This can cause disruptions in a person’s body, mind, spirit, and life. These disruptions can range from a sense of unwellness and unease, to more serious problems–actual dis-ease in one’s body or dysfunction in one’s life.



  • What is the Solar Plexus Chakra?


The Manipura chakra is located between the navel and the bottom of the sternum (breastbone). It’s keywords are “personal power” and “self-esteem.” It relates to ego, will, metabolism, personal power, effectiveness, self-esteem, and our digestive system, immune system, adrenal glands, and muscles. Its associated color is yellow, and its element is fire.




  • Is Your Third Chakra Healthy?


Someone with a healthy third chakra will usually have a clear sense of who they are and where they’re going. They have a strong sense of self-worth and self-trust. Because of this, they are decisive and effective at getting what they want and reaching goals. They have a healthy relationship to power–neither dominating others nor letting themselves be dominated–and use it well, often rising to leadership positions. All of this tends to contribute to an even, sustainable level of physical energy. They will usually have healthy digestive, immune, and muscular systems. They tend to be free of major allergies, hypertension, diabetes, or adrenal gland disorders.



10 Ways to Clear and Balance Your Third Chakra

Here are ten ideas for solar plexus chakra healing, clearing and balancing

  1. Spend time in the sunlight (Do protect yourself from sunburn, of course!)

2. Participate in a vigorous sport or activity: trust yourself and play to win

3. Clean out a messy closet or do another task that you’ve been putting off: make sure that you finish the task

4. Make a special effort to dress and groom yourself well and hold your head high roar (Yes, like a lion!)

5. Set a goal; break it down into distinct, doable steps; make a timeline for finishing each step; take a first step to set it in motion; follow through with your timeline so that you reach your goal on time (Then celebrate how powerful and effective you are!)

6. Assert yourself: make sure your voice is heard and your needs are taken into account (For example, YOU decide what restaurant you’ll go to or what movie you’ll see.)

7. Use the scents of rosemary or lavender

8. Wear or decorate a room in a shade of yellow that is pleasing and energizing to you

9. Create and repeat an affirmation such as: “I am worthy. I effectively manifest the deep desires of my soul. I am capable. I am powerful. I set and reach my goals. My needs are as important as anyone else’s. If conflict is necessary, I can take it on! I know who I am and where I’m going. I can solve any problem that comes up. I am a natural leader. I love and respect myself. I am worthy of the best in life. I stand up for myself and what I believe in. I am a strong advocate for myself and my needs.”

10. Intention Matters!
Remember, when working with your subtle energy, intention matters! Before doing any of the activities above, set your intention. For example, you might set and hold an intention for solar plexus chakra healing, healing a lack of self-esteem, standing up for yourself, reaching a personal goal, etc. Just make your purpose clear, perform the activity mindfully, and as you’re doing it, occasionally take a moment to silently affirm that your actions are creating your intention. Using any of the activities in conjunction with the affirmations is also very effective.



  • Seek Professional Help


These suggestions are not meant to replace qualified professional health care. If you have concerns about your physical or mental health, seek the help of a qualified medical or mental health professional.



  • A Blessing


I wish you a clear sense of your infinite worth, the knowledge that the deep desires of your soul matter enormously, and an understanding that you are an immensely powerful being who can manifest those deep, sacred desires.


Copyright 2010 — Nancy Hausauer. All rights reserved.


Author’s Bio

Nancy Hausauer is an energy healer and writer with a private practice in Tacoma, Washington (U.S.). Her goal is “An energy healer in every home!” For more information about chakras and energy healing, visit her energy healing website, www.the-energy-healing-site.com. For lots of things you can do for natural pain relief, wellness, and relaxation of your physical body, visit her bodywork website at www.Tacoma-massage-therapy.com.


source: http://www.selfgrowth.com/articles/10-down-to-earth-ways-to-clear-your-solar-plexus-chakra-and-unlock-your-personal-power



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2 responses to “10 Down-to-Earth Ways to Clear Your Solar Plexus Chakra and Unlock Your Personal Power

  1. christian

    need to clear all my chakras.

  2. Great post! I always like looking at other’s views and perspectives on signs of chakra imbalances and what we can do to help them. I tend to lean towards a block in my solar plexus, more so than any of the others. This post is very informative and helpful! There’s definitely some things in here I feel can help if put into a consistent routine. Thank you so much! :-)

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