8 Signs from Archangel Raphael

Angel Signs from Archangel Raphael

By Doreen Virtue

Archangel Raphael is the supreme healer in the angelic realm and chief role is to support, heal, and guide in matters involving health. Raphael means “God heals” or “He who heals” in Hebrew.  Many believe that it is derived from the Hebrew word Rophe, which means “medicine doctor. In Catholicism, he is Saint Raphael, the patron of healing, physicals, travelers, and matchmakers.

Anytime you call upon Raphael, he’s there. The healing archangel isn’t shy or subtle in announcing his presence.  He wants you to know that he’s with you, as a way of comforting you and alleviating stress along your way to a healthy recovery.

In this gallery, read the eight different ways Archangel Raphael may send signs to reveal himself. You will know Archangel Raphael is near when you see these signs.

1. Seeing Sparkles of Emerald Green Light

Archangel Raphael’s color is emerald green. Many times when people have asked God to send Archangel Raphael to heal them, they’ll be seeing bright green lights with their physical eyes. You can also visualize emerald green light around the person or bodily area in need of healing as a way of invoking Archangel Raphael’s presence and healing energy. Some people see Raphael’s emerald green light as sparkles, flashes, or waterfalls of color. Raphael knows that if he announces his presence through his glowing green light, you’ll immediately relax and start to feel better.

2. Discovering Messages on License Plates

License plates are a favorite way for angels such as Raphael to convey their messages, as in my friend Jill’s sign from above. Jill had tried in vain to find prescription glasses to correct her nighttime driving problem, which stemmed from having Lasik surgery. Although her vision is great during the day, at night she sees “auras” of car lights reflecting in her Lasik incisions.

So on her drive home from work recently, Jill appealed to Raphael to help her have perfect vision day and night, near and far. She then requested a sign to validate that the archangel had heard her prayer. That moment, Jill noticed that the car ahead of her was a Ford Focus, sporting a license plate with the letters, “EZC.” She marveled at how clearly and rapidly this sign appeared: a car called “focus” with a phonetic message of “easy see.” Jill knew that Raphael had heard and was answering her prayer.

3. Encountering Raphael’s Name in Unexpected Places

Raphael isn’t shy, as you’ve discovered through these stories and hopefully through your own experiences with him. He even announces his name to give you extra reassurance and certainty of his healing presence!

A woman named Barbara was driving her car, very upset and almost in tears about an incident that had just occurred. She quietly asked Archangel Raphael to help her quickly so that she could drive home safely. Just then, her attention was drawn to the right, and she gasped as she saw a sign that read: ST. RAPHAEL’S JUNIOR SCHOOL.

Sometimes all we need is the reassurance that Heaven does hear and respond to our prayers. So Raphael sends his signature as validation that he’s working on your request.

4. Seeing Raphael as a Physical Being

Sometimes [a] visitation is more like a psychic vision than an apparition, as in the case of a woman named Krisztina Muskovits. Krisztina was in bed ill with a sore throat. She ached so much that she asked Archangel Raphael to please heal her. Suddenly her mind’s eye, she saw a big light around her and felt her presence.

Raphael was very big and tall, standing beside her bed. He was wearing a green mantle with golden adornments. He had shoulder-length golden, curly hair. Krisztina felt his energy, a healing power radiating and soothing her throat. This energy was thick and emerald green. It took some minutes, and then she felt much better.

Sometimes Archangel Raphael and the other angels come to us in our dreams. When we’re sleeping, our minds are more open to receiving angelic messages and healing energy, especially if we tend to lead a busy or noisy life when we’re awake. If you have a dream-time encounter with an angel (or other heavenly being), you’ll notice that more-than-real quality of true physical-apparition experiences. The colors and emotions will be strong and vivid, and you’ll remember the dream long after you awaken.

5. Feeling Heat, Tingling, and Vibrations

Those who receive a healing from Archangel Raphael usually feel heat and tingling during the angel’s intervention, as Amanda Peart did after hurting her hip during her coaching work for a basketball team.

Amanda silently called on Archangel Raphael to heal her hip…She immediately felt her hands go very cold; then they went really hot and then tingly. Shortly after that, her hip repeated the same cold, hot, tingly sensations. When she reached her destination two hours later, Amanda carefully got off the bus and was exceedingly pleased to find that her hip was fully recovered!  The tingling heat is undoubtedly the vast energy that Archangel Raphael generates and runs through the people whom he heals. It’s like having a giant surge of electricity course through you, in a pleasant and miraculous way.

Sometimes the sensations have a vibrating effect.  I believe that the tingles and vibrations are waves of Raphael’s energy pulsating through the body, like healing laser beams. The vibrations undoubtedly push away toxins and open the body’s passages for healthy blood and oxygen flow.

6. Finding Books on Health

Raphael also shows a brilliant sense of humor in his displays of help. An example that always brings a smile to my face is his habit of pushing books off of shelves. Many people report finding healing books in their homes that they never bought, or discovering ones in their shopping carts that they didn’t place there.

A long time ago, I bought a much-needed affirmations tape at a grocery store in a discount-cassette bin. Never before or after did I find another affirmations or metaphysical recording in that bin. It was always filled and replenished with old music tapes!

7. Hearing Sounds and Music

A woman named Faith really needed Raphael’s reassurance when her pregnancy went awry and she found that she’d lose her unborn son, Luke. When Faith awoke from anesthesia after the loss, she had an immediate sense of angelic peace that lasted through the day.

On her way home from the hospital, Faith and her husband were listening to the radio and the song “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan played. As she sang the lyrics, Faith tanked archangels Raphael and Michael for holding her son and keeping him safe.

Faiths’ sign came through auditory means, which was appropriate because the needed to hear that her son was in the angels’ arms to reassure her of Luke’s passage into Heaven. Raphael and other angels often “trumpet” their presence through music.

8. Hearing Whispers and Suggestions

Archangel Raphael frequently answers prayers by whispering suggestions that you hear as thoughts, feelings, dreams, and visions. When you get a strong hunch to take positive action, know that this is an answered prayer. Follow your hunches and they’ll lead you to renewed peace.

Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., is a fourth-generation clairvoyant and an author of over twenty books on angels including “Angels 101,” “The Miracles of Archangel Michael,” and “Signs from Above.”

Reprinted from “The Healing Miracles of Archangel Raphael” by Doreen Virtue, with permission of Hay House Publishers. Copyright 2010. All rights reserved.

taken from http://www.beliefnet.com/Inspiration/Angels/2010/06/Healing-Miracles-of-Archangel-Raphael.aspx

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